Welcome to the Maker Institute Fellows!

Dear Fellows,


Welcome to the Maker Institute of Studio Art and Theology! We are delighted to have you join our community of gospel-gripped, theologically-minded, adept culture makers. In this welcome page, you will find essential resources to guide you on your journey with us. Please explore the following links to get started.

We look forward to supporting you as you grow in your calling and pursue excellence in art and theology.

In Christ,

The Maker Institute of Studio Art and Theology

Core Competencies Vision Statement

Understand some of the foundational principles and goals that help to facilitate  our programs goals and mission.


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Core Competency Description Sheet

Gain detailed insights into the skills and attributes we aim to develop in each fellow.

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Formal Intake Forms

Begin your process of developing a comprehensive three-year development plan with our two formal intake forms. Please take your time and fill out both accurately.


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Student Handbook

Access extensive details about our policies, guidelines, information about our intensives, and much more.


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Art + Theology Challenge: Exploring Redemption

This is an intake project you will work on from now until October when we are together for the in person intensive.


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