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Sam Taylor (b. 1996) spent her childhood in New Jersey and South Carolina before moving to Richmond, VA to earn her bachelor degrees in Philosophy and Painting & Printmaking at Virginia Commonwealth University. She continues to reside in Richmond, where she paints, writes, and raises two sons with her husband, Shane–a designer and illustrator. Since 2017, she has been a volunteer staff member at Shockoe Artspace, a local non-profit gallery, where she currently serves as the assistant curator. Her work has been exhibited in multiple group shows in Richmond at the historic Anderson Gallery and Shockoe Artspace.

Artist Statement

I practice painting as an act of faithful reconciliation in keeping with the world’s captivating, common oddness. The objects I make bridge multiple cultivating traditions: painting, parenting, theorizing, homemaking. Such cross-references emerge from where I live and move, which has included art institutions, job sites, workshops, and living rooms. Out of these, I delight in a startling coalescence of contrarieties: There is a unity-in-variety that binds the world together such that a canvas hung on a white wall does have everything to do with baking one’s daily bread or cutting the neighbor’s grass.

Research Practice

 Written Work  
Lapse GraspShockoe Artspace 
Good Vibes HereShockoe Artspace 
The Body of WorkShockoe Artspace 
Crafted CohesionShockoe Artspace 
Aliens at HomeShockoe Artspace 
Southern Ghosts and Creative HostingShockoe Artspace 
 Studio Work
BA, Philosophy, Virginia Commonwealth University
BFA, Painting and Printmaking, VCUarts

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