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Nicholas Seitz (b. 1994, Silver Spring, Maryland) is a husband, father, and artist living and working in Richmond, Virginia. He holds a BFA in photography from Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked for over a decade in a variety of commercial filmmaking and photographic capacities. With an affinity for small business and nonprofit marketing, Seitz has worked with a variety of organizations and businesses to develop imagery which showcases their unique brand and services.

Practice Statement

Primarily working in photography and documentary filmmaking, Nicholas Seitz creates work which meticulously catalogues and interrogates spaces and communities which are often overlooked or taken for granted. With an assumption that filmmaking and photography can render the commonplace and transparently familiar in terms which invite deeper contemplation, Seitz invites his viewers to consider the oddity, intricacy, and even beauty of every corner of the created world.

Research Practice

Written Work  
A Marketplace of IdeasShockoe Artspace 
Prismatic RepetitionShockoe Artspace
No Better Than AnimalsShockoe Artspace 
Astigmatic OmniscienceShockoe Artspace 
EpilogueShockoe Artspace 
Blue HourShockoe Artspace 
 Studio Work
BFA, Film/Video and Photographic Arts
VCUarts, 2017

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