Our Leadership

The Maker Institute is led by men and women who serve under the leadership of Jesus Christ by his example. The heart of our Lord is gentle and lowly and his desire was to serve others sacrificially, rather than demand their service. This posture is foundational to the leaders and staff of the Maker Institute and we pray that you will join us in being shaped by this same reality.

A Community of Christian Makers

Our faculty and staff are composed of Christian makers who have successfully navigated the world of art and design. The leaders of the Maker Institute are makers, artists, writers, designers, curators and professors and students at some of the best universities in the United States. You will study with faculty who have launched galleries and non-profits, established and run design businesses and produced successful podcasts. They have written, filmed, and produced award-winning documentaries, directed plays and full productions, worked in the field developing UX design and product design, and exhibited works of art widely in museums and in local and national galleries. Together their teaching experience totals over forty years. In addition, the Maker Institute leaders have undergone years of particularized, robust theological training and development in preparation to pass on the same firm foundation to others. Most importantly, when you attend The Maker Institute, you will find that the leaders and staff at all levels love Christ. They love the Church and they long to see Christians built up and prepared to do more in their given spheres of creative and makerly influence.

Senior Staff

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