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Josh Williams attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, and received his bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts in 2016. Vocationally, he is a product designer currently working full-time designing digital tools for Snagajob. In addition to his expertise in UX and graphic design, Josh is also a proficient painter, printmaker, and draftsman. Josh and his wife, Deanna, serve as team members at Shockoe Artspace, a non-profit gallery where they help facilitate openings, engage with the local arts community, and hold exhibitions in their own home among other activities. Having committed to his home church during undergraduate studies, Josh continues to live in Richmond with his wife and their three children, James, Noah, and Henry.

Statement of Practice

Only create things that humanize. Humans are made in the image of God— created to consciously love the Lord and to love our neighbor as ourselves, stewarding every facet of creation and seeking the welfare and flourishing of those around me. Being fully human means having meaningful, redeemed relationships between mind, body, and soul, and understanding the world through them as having been made by God for loving engagement and worshipful wonder. Digital technology has an amplifying effect upon its content, therefore it is imperative that as a designer of digital things, that I seek to only create things that will press us into further human-ness and eschew that which would distort or disrupt it.

Artist Statement

People are important. People are changed by people, and people are known through people. Every relationship we have changes us and reforms us into the person that we now are. Each of us hides an infinite world of depth that is brought to bear in each of these relationships. The images that I make contain isolated or grouped “figures”— subtly gesturing, gem-like structures; overlaid, tinted portal-polygons; lumpy, black forms. These people-centric truths are brought to mind through the playful and transformational moments that occur between these overlapping forms. It points to the overlaps that occur between each storied and eternally persistent human soul, which add a kaleidoscopic dimension of depth to our experienced reality.

Research Practice

Written Work  
Extra in the OrdinaryShockoe Artspace 
Cave DecoShockoe Artspace 
Please Don’t Wake MeShockoe Artspace 
 Studio Work
BFA, Communication Arts
VCUarts, 2016

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