Financial Aid

Funding your education always comes with questions, we are here to provide you with as many answers as possible. 


of accepted students are eligible
for early payment discounts on
tuition and fees


ONLY 14% OF THE AVERage art
school annual tuition


amount of overall tuition reduced by taking advantage of our early payment option

The goal of The Maker Institute is to make an education with us 100% free, but until that prayer is a reality, we are pleased to partner with you to help reduce your personal cost of attendance by as much as possible. As members of the family of God, we are called into the larger community of Christ including our family, friends, co-workers, local church, and more. This community is where we are called to live a purposeful life, using our gifts to the glory of God and the flourishing of society. Because of this specific planting, this personal community is your primary network for support whether it be personally, professionally, or financially. 



The Fundraising Process

You are not alone in your education, and we do not believe you should be alone in paying for it either. Your family, friends, and local church are wonderful places to find generous supporters who believe in art and design as avenues for reformation, cultural regeneration and revival. It may seem hard to ask for money, but there is an easy way to invite others in to your experience. We not only suggest that you find support from your community, but we also believe it is a beautiful thing to see others sharing in the responsibility of paying for your education.

01. Plan

Even as artists and designers, we are slow to harness our creativity to solve every day problems. While your time at the Maker Institute may be about your education, everyone in your community will benefit from your deepened faith and increased confidence to champion Christ in all things. For this reason we believe your immediate community can be the most helpful in supporting you during your time with the Maker Institute both through prayer and financial support. 

02. Pray

There is nothing we can do in our own strength. Scripture tells us this, and our lives affirm it every day. This is no different. We are praying for our students, both current and future, and their financial health is extremely important to us. Devote time and energy to praying for who the Lord may lead you to ask to be a partner in your education. Pray for opportunities that might arise to make loans or tough financial times unnecessary. Pray for God to give you wisdom as you pursue your time at the Maker Institute. 

03. Ask

The work has been done; so just ask! It may seem harder than that, but we are told that we do not have because we do not ask.  Also, it is the pleasure of God’s church to support one another in the work we have been called to. While you may feel awkward about asking about money, we should not feel awkward about asking for support as we pursue our callings. Trust in God is active obedience, and asking others to partner with you on this journey is a strong way to proceed in faith and see what God might do.

Breakdown of Funding

The Student

Each of us is personally responsible for what we undertake and the decisions we make. For that reason, the student should always be responsible for the largest part of tuition and fees.

Family & Friends

Our biggest supporters are our friends and family members, and they are likely the happiest to financially support us as we pursue our calling in life. They may just need to know specifics of how they can best help.

Your Church

As a graduate of The Maker Institute, you will be able to step into many roles within your church body. Because of this, we want your church to be supportive every step of the way, including financially.

The Maker Institute of Studio Art + Theology Catalyst Program

Become a Catalyst in our support program for aspiring Maker Fellows, Fellows you know who might be sharing their interest in attending with you. We have made a way for you to donate on behalf of your Fellow while receiving a tax-deductible donation, as we are a 501c3. Your prayerful and generous partnership will not only help support the tuition of the Fellow of your choice but also make a significant difference in their life. Your support can be both a one-time or monthly giving. By doing so, you are playing a vital role in the life of the aspiring Maker Fellow and in the future advancement of the Kingdom of Christ through excellent creativity of all kinds. Indeed, you will be catalyzing creativity and makers who have been called to this vital work to grow in their pursuit of God’s call for His glory and our good.

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