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David Sparace was born in LaSalle Quebec in 1995. David grew up in Pendleton SC with his two older brothers. Although he and his brothers were raised by two plant biologist parents, the arts saturated his family. At a young age, David’s childhood home was full of his oldest brother’s oil paintings and by high school, both he and his middle brother attended a residential art school to study classical music. His brother continued his music education in college and now performs occasionally in the Greenville symphony and David went on to attend Virginia Commonwealth University earning a BFA in 2017 in Painting and Printmaking.

David currently works in the IT field and also as a part-time framer at a local frame shop, Fan Frame and Fine Art. David is married to Ashley Purdy and is the father of two beautiful children Emersyn and Ryker. David continues his art practice to this day primarily through painting. His love for color, shape, and form has also met his parents’ love for plants in his emerging side business growing and selling cut flowers for bouquets.

Artist Statement

A flower withers and leaves behind a seed. Dormant and full of potential and color the seed waits. The seed goes into the ground, is watered, and tenderly cared for. The seed sprouts and grows into a plant. At times it is painfully pruned, only to grow more vigorously. Finally, erupting in a display of beauty, a flower blooms.

A building shares the mark of its architect. Its walls take on the life of its inhabitants. A building is a dwelling place, a vessel meant to be filled. As time goes on buildings are forgotten. Lost without purpose, they litter the landscape like corpses, husk of a once thriving plant. But like a seed they wait dormant, ready to explode with new life.

Like the tension of a 5th chord fighting to resolve to the consonance of the tonic, there is a gravitational pull of that which is broken, crying out to be made right, that which is dead to be made alive again. David’s work imagines a world where the end of all things is met with beauty rather than fire and brimstone, and every bit of matter explodes with vibrancy in an apocalypse of restoration rather than obliteration.

Research Practice

 Studio Work
BFA, Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, 2017

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