Fellows core competency Intake Form

Welcome to the Maker Institute! This intake form will help us understand your current abilities, goals, and areas for growth across 17 core competencies. Your responses will help us develop a personalized development plan to support your growth over the next three years. Please answer truthfully and resist protecting and or proving yourself. As honest as we can get with these assessments, the better we can see the Lord answer our prayers and observe the tangible blessings from the Lord of growing along all of the lines given. If a category does not apply, you can mention this and look for an adjacent experience that could provide insight into you under this category. What an exciting step! We are thrilled and praying for you.

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Core Competencies Self-Assessment

Please rate your current ability in each competency on a scale of 1-5 (1 = low, 5 = high) and answer the related questions.

Goals and Expectations


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