The Campus

We’re building something new! Join us in helping to galvanize the future of Christians making culture while honoring and preserving brothers and sisters of the past who have done so already.

A Campus in the Making

In 2005, a visual artist and his wife began to dream of a God-sized vision for a new and relevant model of studio and theology education. A model providing theological and practical artistic studio mentorship which would forge an environment that reached Christians called to the arts, empowering them to enter fields and careers for God’s glory and human flourishing for all.

The Maker Institute was founded in Richmond, Virginia in 2021 with a small group of committed members of a local church body. These founding members have devoted over a decade’s worth of work to making art, designing professionally, and running a non-profit gallery exhibiting visual art. Some work as university professors and others work in their field of study. They have all been gifted and called by God to the vision set before you. Will you become a part of this story by joining in our efforts? See how below:

Performing arts center
Common table daytime

The Maker Institute Campus will be where Makers of all kinds can be nourished, refreshed, challenged, discipled, affirmed, and equipped.

A place for retreats and getaways • A place to host outdoor events under the stars • A place with natural beauty that can be preserved for generations • A place for Christians and their families to visit and see what it means to be Makers Made in God’s Image • A place where children can attend camps of various kinds • A place where Home School conferences can take place to support the next generation of makers and entrepreneurs • A place where Fellowship and learning can happen • A place where great stories are born, told, and shared • A place where Culture is made and sent out into the world for the building up of the Church and the challenging of our dying Culture • A place with an event space for gatherings and conferences • A place for Museum exhibitions • A place to worship the Lord Jesus • A place to pray • A place for community festivals, celebrations, and art exhibitions all in service to the surrounding state • A place for the generations

A Place for All of Us

Our long terms plans include all of us. We have established our urban presence through several local church bodies. We are also active in a 2500+ square-foot gallery and a 400-square-foot podcast studio located in the heart of Richmond City. We desire to further this presence through the Maker Institute campus. As financial resources become available there are various ways you can be involved in helping us realize this full vision for the Maker Institute:

1. Secure land
2. Build an initial studio building
3. Begin work on the whole campus through several phases

The world can't choose what it has not seen or heard; this is a time for us to change that. Join us in helping to galvanize the future of Christians making culture while honoring and preserving brothers and sisters of the past who have done so already. Our plan involves five phases that will be realized through generosity, shared vision, and the leading of Jesus Christ.

As we grow the Maker Institute, we embark on a significant fundraising campaign to see the vision of a campus through to completion.

Our first phase in this building campaign is securing acres of land to build on. Our vision is to maintain our urban presence while expanding to land acquisition for our main campus outside of the city of Richmond. We aim to secure anywhere from 45 to 100 or more acres. While being removed from distraction, we want the Maker Institute to serve as a place for fellowship, deep learning, making, and a respite from many of the burdens we all face. Therefore, having land that can meet the needs of the Maker Institute is strategic to our enduring success.

The second Phase is the construction of four double-storied studio buildings. Each building will be roughly 10,000 square feet of space. We are designing a building dedicated to painting and 2-dimensional creative practices. In addition, we are committing a studio building to sculpture and 3-dimensional practices, another for performing arts which would include theater and music, and finally, a studio building dedicated to graphic design, design thinking, animation, and architecture.

Several cruciform compositions inspire our campus layout and design and will situate each of these four buildings in meaningful proximity to each other to optimize and encourage community collaboration and a fellowship of learning and following Christ.

Our third Phase is a Campus Fellowship Dining and community gathering space. This space will span over 8000 square feet and include a library, full kitchen, and a large dining hall that will serve as an ample family gathering space where one of our core values, knowing and being known by one another, can deepen as we pray together, break bread and sing all to the praise and glory of God.

We hope to host many conferences, events, and concerts in the life of MISAT. Therefore, our fourth Phase focuses on an outdoor Amphitheater, seating anywhere from 400 to 450 people. This outdoor venue would host concerts, plays, and significant events during seasons in Virginia when the weather is ideal for rejoicing with others in the goodness of God’s creation.

Our Fifth and perhaps most ambitious Phase is building an Architectural destination for Virginia and the world. This will be a unique architecture and space where we are developing plans for a 4000 square foot ground-only Chapel and a 13000 to 26000 square foot Contemporary Museum of art dedicated to collecting contemporary Christian artists and makers in an integrated whole with Chapel as the centerpiece to this unique space. This design includes integrated Gallery spaces that would house an expanding permanent collection of contemporary Christian artists. As well as play host to high-level curation of art on a rotating basis and a student gallery to display Maker Fellow’s work along with the opportunity for Maker Curation Fellows to hone their craft.

There is nothing quite like what we are developing; as we often say, we are "building something new!" We have a dedicated architect and design team working closely to bring all the plans and work about. Here on this page, you can see some of our preliminary designs. We see this campus being built out in these phases over several years, and it will advance alongside the level of support we receive from donors, partners, and patrons alike. That said, donors, patrons, and partnerships are desired to help us realize this God-sized vision. The world can't choose what it has seen or heard; this is a time for us to change that. You can help galvanize the future of Christians making culture while honoring and preserving brothers and sisters of the past who have done so already by supporting us in this building campaign. Press the link below to see how you can support us through a generous donation, and message us here to find out how else you can help us fulfill this God-Sized plan and mission for a watching world in wait.