You’ll always be part of The Maker Institute. We are bound to each other for eternity through Jesus Christ our Lord. Your life with us doesn’t stop at graduation. 

As a Maker Institute alumnus, you’re part of a growing Christ-following creative community of people worldwide. You are representing the chief goal and prayer of the Maker Institute, which is to empower and expand the creative work of like-minded makers and entrepreneurs worldwide. We want to grow God’s kingdom, and together we are stronger, better, and more empowered to do what God has called us to. Together we can continue to grow in enduring collaboration and mutual support. Generationally we can see God accomplish wonderful things through his faithfulness to us and our faithfulness to him.

In many ways, graduating from MISAT is just the beginning of your journey. Here you’ll find ways to stay engaged with other Makers, Patrons, and other graduating fellows. You can explore the alumni network that will bolster your career, build your studio practice and connect for collaborative partnerships, gallery opportunities, and more. Here you can discover how to support current students and Maker Institute growth while also partaking in alumni enrichment courses designed to help you keep sharp in whatever the Lord is doing in your practice.


Your access to the Maker Institute doesn’t stop once you graduate. As one of our growing family of makers, you receive priority access and pricing to all Maker Institute conferences and events. 

Giving Back

Once you leave the classrooms at the Maker Institute, we know that you will continue to learn even more that can be generative in our larger community, which is why we always want you sharing with our current students. 


Microgrants, crowdfunding, design competitions, gallery shows: it’s all there for you to plug into. You may have graduated, but it doesn’t mean we have stopped equipping you to be the maker God has called you to be.  


Are you ready to take the next step toward your future career?