In order to hear your voice and explore your potential, we want to know you through your application. We believe that it is both important to know others and be known by them. Because 2 Corinthians 12:10 teaches that in Christ, our weakness becomes our strength, the application process is designed to help you provide an honest self-assessment so that we can better understand your artistic desires and evaluate your future with us at the Maker Institute.

When you apply to the Maker Institute of Studio Art and Theology, you will have the opportunity to explore courses across the program electives. With an art and theology baseline for all students, each will be able to chart their unique studio path within one of our three Maker Fellow Program tiers, along with hands-on mentorship and ongoing evaluative and instructive feedback.

The application process might seem challenging; our admissions team is available to help you navigate this rich journey and make a choice that will profoundly affect your spiritual, intellectual, and creative potential.

Apply for 2024

The Fall 2024 application to the Maker Institute will open for early enrollment on December 15, 2023. You can start this process by connecting with us to see if the Maker Institute is the right place for you. 

Tuition & Fees

Our hybrid model as well as our desire to see student debt lowered or completely eradicated keeps costs low so that value is passed along to students, their families, and their churches. We desire to equip students in knowledge and wisdom, but to also equip students with strategies to economically navigate school as well. To this end, a 20% Early Payment Option (EPO) is available to all students who pay for the year-in-full by the first day of the Fall term. 

Annual Tuition & Fees - Years 1 & 2

  • Fall (Yrs. 1 & 2) $3,250
  • Spring (Yrs. 1 & 2) $3,250
  • Summer (Yrs. 1 & 2) $1,400
  • Fees $100


$ 8,000 / YR

Annual Tuition & Fees - Year 3

  • Fall $200
  • Spring $200
  • Summer $200
  • Fees $100


$ 700

Financial Aid

You have a vision. At the Maker Institute, we want to help you build that vision as both a calling and career. Not only do we provide a supportive, creative, and professional environment of discipleship with other Christians, but we are constantly working to build a network of other artists, patrons, and Kingdom-minded contacts. As the Maker Institute benefits from the generosity of this network, we want to pass that along to you in the form of scholarships and strategies to reduce your financial burden.


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