The Maker Institute of Studio Art and Theology is a 501c3 non-profit that seeks to equip Christians in Art and Culture making, for the work of Glorifying Christ in all things.

You are not alone in your longing for sound theology and robust making. The Maker Institute of Studio Art + Theology is here to help you grow in both. The goal of the Maker Institute is to build and provide a world-class educational and studio environment on a campus just outside of Richmond, Virginia, one of the most creative cities in America. Working to be situated in a rural outdoor setting, the Maker Institute exists for Christians looking for sound theology, robust support, and artistic makerly training through hybrid learning and long-term multi-generational community building. We exist to support, care for, and train generations of Christians who are artists, designers, performers, writers, curators, and makers of all kinds to do the work God has called them to do. 




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We believe the fullness of a maker comes forth when the heart, head, and hands are working together in unison. Therefore, our approach includes sound theological training, robust professional and studio practicum, and applied spiritual formation.


The world can’t choose what it has not seen or heard; this is a time for us to change that. Join us in helping to galvanize the future of Christians making culture while honoring and preserving brothers and sisters of the past who have done so already. Our plan involves five phases that will be realized through generosity, shared vision, and the leading of Jesus Christ.

As we grow the Maker Institute, we embark on a significant fundraising campaign to see the vision of a campus through to completion.

Josh Williams

Josh Williams

Corporate UX Designer

“The Maker Institute has helped me think more Christianly in all of life and therefore certainly within making.”


In 2018, a group of Christ-following artists and designers sought a new education model for Christians in the arts. A model providing the intellectual, theological, and creative integration and mentorship that aimed to disciple generations of Christians to go forward and impact the world for God’s Glory through a vast ecosystem of creative possibility the Lord has so richly provided.


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